Project spotlight: A fresh look for Morrisey

MorriseyOne of The Simons Group’s longtime clients, Morrisey Associates, debuted a brand-new look for its marketing materials earlier this year. I was fortunate enough to work with the healthcare software solutions company and the rest of our creative team to bring its vision to life. We’re pretty excited about the results at The Simons Group, and we think you’ll agree. Here’s a look inside the process.

The challenge

Morrisey had a significant collection of marketing materials, and some information was repeated in multiple pieces. Morrisey’s sales and marketing team decided to consolidate some of the collateral to avoid duplication and make it easier for prospects and customers to digest the information. Since The Simons Group was already redoing the materials, it was an ideal time for a design makeover. Morrisey’s existing materials were a few years old, and the company wanted its new collateral to look fresh, clean and modern.

The process

We’ve worked with Morrisey for a long time, so we’re familiar with the company’s design and style preferences. We created a couple of looks that were consistent with Morrisey’s branding and culture and presented them for review. Once the company chose its desired look, we went to work, creating:

  • A new style guide. This document establishes the framework for every Morrisey design, including colors, fonts and other style elements. We narrowed down the company’s palette to red, gray and black, eliminating some other colors they had used in the past to keep the look cohesive.
  • Simplified logos. The company was using multiple logos and wanted to streamline its brand identity. We created a simplified set of logos consistent with the new look to enhance brand recognition.
  • A design template. We created a template that would be flexible enough to work with different sizes, from a one-page sell sheet or an eight-page brochure.
  • New collateral. From brochures to trade show banners, we overhauled all of Morrisey’s collateral to reflect the new look. The new materials take a more visual approach, with less text and more white space for maximum readability. Morrisey had also made some structural changes to its enterprise software solutions and needed to update the graphics in the collateral. We changed the approach for these, making them more intuitive and reflective of the current systems.

The results 

Morrisey’s sales and marketing teams say they absolutely love the new materials. The company’s fresh, streamlined look gives the company a stronger brand identity and makes it easier for customers and prospects to recognize Morrisey at trade shows and other events. The company’s next big marketing project is a video about its Morrisey Practitioner Performance Reporting™ (MPPR™) solution, and we’ll be incorporating the company’s new look and feel into the finished product.

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