5 steps to making email marketing shine with video

lights-camera-action-1168523Videos are an up-and-coming channel for presenting content to customers. According to Cisco, video is projected to make up 67 percent of all fixed Internet traffic by 2017. Studies also show that customers will stay on a website longer if it features a video. So what does that mean for you? Video is increasingly becoming a must-have on your marketing plan.

Here are some tips for adding video to email:

  1. Start with content you already have. Many companies have videos in their wheel houses, whether it’s a product demo or an overview of the company. To make the most of your resources, start small and work your way up to include a dedicated video strategy for your marketing plan.
  2. Use the word “video” in the subject line, which tends to generate more clicks.
  3. Time your video email to coordinate with where your customer is in the sales process. If your goal is to sell the costumer on a new product, send them a video touting the product features. If your customer has already made a purchase, send a video email a day or two after the items have arrived that describes how to use the item or gives tips for cleaning it.
    4. Use a call to action in your video. Depending on your video and what type of customer it’s being sent to, your call to action can be as simple as a phone number or website.
    5. Send related content. If a prospect clicks on a video in an email, direct them to your website. Provide links to related videos on your site, and as the customer watches more content, you can get a better sense of what they’re interested in.

Videos engage customers by delivering relevant content that’s easy to digest, ultimately increasing awareness and revenue. Use your videos to generate leads by linking them to your email campaigns. While it takes some equipment and technical expertise to execute videos correctly, a professional marketing team can help you shine on screen.

Have you started incorporating more videos into your marketing? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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