Spruce up your trade show exhibit

Exhibiting at a trade show is like selling a house. When you put your home on the market, you want it to appeal to the person interested in buying it. You decorate with favorable items, choose an aesthetically pleasing paint color, and make structural improvements to entice the buyer. The same is true for trade show exhibits: Appealing to your customers is key.

How do you do that? Here are a few tips for making your trade show exhibit stand out in a sea of displays.

  1. Put your logo and key messages at the top of your display and add pictures or graphic designs at the bottom. The picture or graphic design should represent your corporate position.  In some cases, using an action picture creates movement to your booth.
  2. Include two to four customer benefits on your display. Don’t just list product features; clearly describe the benefits you provide for the attendees or prospects. Keep it simple and easy to read.
  3. Make sure the area in and around your booth is neat and clear of cups, papers and other garbage. It’s a good idea to bring a bag or wastebasket to help keep your area clean. Most trade show events will provide garbage cans throughout the venue, but don’t rely on one being right in front of you. It’s also a good idea to inspect your backdrop for lint or debris and remove any wrinkles from your booth’s tablecloth.
  4. Bring enough brochures, business cards, sell sheets and other marketing materials to pass out. Display your table materials prominently so people walking by can easily see what you’re offering. For example, stand up one of your brochures on the table, or use a picture frame to accent your flyer and place the remaining materials in front of or next to the displayed piece.
  5. Open up a space in your booth to entice potential customers to enter and engage in a conversation. Place your table or counter near the center of your display and cover it with a tablecloth, leaving room for attendees to enter on either side.
  6. Use complementary colors to coordinate your tablecloth, banner, flooring and staff’s attire. Many businesses use their corporate colors to accent their trade show exhibit, but you don’t have to. Consider using an attention-getting flooring option to distinguish your exhibit from the exhibits around you and encourage traffic into your area.
  7. Your employees who are working the trade show should be dressed in similar clothing, whether they’re wearing suits or matching company T-shirts. You should be able to identify the staff by what they’re wearing.
  8. Use giveaway items to promote your business at the trade show. If you give away a tote bag with your name on it, for example, attendees can use that bag to carry other items, and other attendees will notice your company name on the outside. Think about the items you would want when choosing a giveaway item. For example, I attended a home and garden trade show, and a lawn service company was giving away yardsticks. After I saw someone else walking around with one, I asked him where he got it and then rushed over there to get one for myself.  I still have that yardstick and the name of the company that provided it.
  9. Use videos or music to grab attendees’ attention, or use demonstrations to gather groups of prospects around your trade show exhibit.

Along with these pointers, make sure to consider your display’s cost per use; how you plan to transport it; and the event’s location, size and shape when prepping for a trade show. Options for display pieces abound, including pop-up displays, tabletop displays, banner stands, wall displays and more. Choose the best display for your particular product or service. A professional marketing team can help you create a display that will reel in customers.

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