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Project spotlight: A fresh look for Morrisey

MorriseyOne of The Simons Group’s longtime clients, Morrisey Associates, debuted a brand-new look for its marketing materials earlier this year. I was fortunate enough to work with the healthcare software solutions company and the rest of our creative team to bring its vision to life. We’re pretty excited about the results at The Simons Group, and we think you’ll agree. Here’s a look inside the process.

The challenge

Morrisey had a significant collection of marketing materials, and some information was repeated in multiple pieces. Morrisey’s sales and marketing team decided to consolidate some of the collateral to avoid duplication and make it easier for prospects and customers to digest the information. Since The Simons Group was already redoing the materials, it was an ideal time for a design makeover. Morrisey’s existing materials were a few years old, and the company wanted its new collateral to look fresh, clean and modern.

The process

We’ve worked with Morrisey for a long time, so we’re familiar with the company’s design and style preferences. We created a couple of looks that were consistent with Morrisey’s branding and culture and presented them for review. Once the company chose its desired look, we went to work, creating:

  • A new style guide. This document establishes the framework for every Morrisey design, including colors, fonts and other style elements. We narrowed down the company’s palette to red, gray and black, eliminating some other colors they had used in the past to keep the look cohesive.
  • Simplified logos. The company was using multiple logos and wanted to streamline its brand identity. We created a simplified set of logos consistent with the new look to enhance brand recognition.
  • A design template. We created a template that would be flexible enough to work with different sizes, from a one-page sell sheet or an eight-page brochure.
  • New collateral. From brochures to trade show banners, we overhauled all of Morrisey’s collateral to reflect the new look. The new materials take a more visual approach, with less text and more white space for maximum readability. Morrisey had also made some structural changes to its enterprise software solutions and needed to update the graphics in the collateral. We changed the approach for these, making them more intuitive and reflective of the current systems.

The results 

Morrisey’s sales and marketing teams say they absolutely love the new materials. The company’s fresh, streamlined look gives the company a stronger brand identity and makes it easier for customers and prospects to recognize Morrisey at trade shows and other events. The company’s next big marketing project is a video about its Morrisey Practitioner Performance Reporting™ (MPPR™) solution, and we’ll be incorporating the company’s new look and feel into the finished product.

Orchidia: Exhibiting fresh style through a new website


We’re pleased to announce the recent launch of Orchidia Fragrances’ new website!

The website is the vision of Ross Sprovieri, executive vice president of Orchidia. He wanted the site to be clean and elegant and to promote user interaction in a unique, yet intuitive way.

The result is an airy design with minimal distraction and easy navigation. Instead of a text-based, top-level navigation, we integrated the elemental icons used to promote the four pillars of the company’s mission: transparency, insight, adaptability and sustainability.

We designed and coded the site as a custom theme for integration with WordPress – our favorite content management system (CMS). The site’s embedded responsive design allows it to adapt to different browser window sizes and viewing devices, such as tablets and phones. The user base for the site is worldwide, so we built the site to accommodate three translations: English, Spanish and Mandarin.

During the development process, we trained key individuals at Orchidia to use WordPress and how to manage the nuances of this particular CMS site. The training allowed the Orchidia team to add content while we were still working on the site development. This combination of efforts allowed for a quicker site launch, and allowed us to troubleshoot and debug any issues with real content in place.

Check it out and use the comments below to let us know what you think!

Take a tour of our new website

screenshotWe all know how tempting it is to set aside our own business needs in favor of helping clients. Clients always come first. Over the last few months, while we were creating beautiful work for our clients, we were able to find little pieces of time to do it for ourselves.

We redesigned our website so that it’s easier than ever to learn, share and connect with us. Here’s how:

  1. It’s light, clean and well-organized so you’ll find what you’re looking for instantly.
  2. The expanded Portfolio gives you a close look at our latest work across a wide range of marketing capabilities and industries. From videos and e-blasts to websites and newsletters, you’ll see exactly what we do and how we do it.
  3. Find out what makes each of us tick on the new About Us page. You’ll also learn our favorite treat.
  4. We work with organizations large and small across all industries. Read some of their stories in our Case Studies to learn how you too can benefit from our expertise.
  5. It’s easier than ever to find marketing insights and ideas on our new Blog. Enhancements include featured posts and short introductions about each topic so that you can get top tips at your convenience.

Check out our new site now and come back often! What do you like about it? What, if anything, would you change? We want to hear from you, so let us know what you think.


White papers versus case studies: What’s right for you?

What is a white paper, and how is it different from a case study? While many people aren’t clear on the differences between the two, each has a distinct purpose and can be a valuable tool in your marketing strategy.

A white paper is a guide for solving a problem relevant to your audience. White papers give you an opportunity to show thought leadership and educate your customers and prospects about common issues in your industry.

A case study, on the other hand, is an in-depth report about a client or small group of clients with a situation that your company helped resolve. These marketing pieces allow readers to put themselves in a particular situation and envision how your company would solve their own problems. 

Read more…

Tweets and truckers

Very few truly b-to-b Twitter case studies exist, as a recent BtoB Magazine article points out. I suspect it’s because not only is social media relatively new and perplexing to the business marketing world, but that there also aren’t enough b-to-b companies evaluating their business goals thoroughly and thinking critically about how, if at all, Twitter and other social media applications fit in. I touched upon this topic here.

That’s why I sat up and took notice when I read how transportation logistics company Con-Way was using Twitter in a quintessentially b-to-b – yet totally outside-the-box – way. The company’s first Twitter strategy was nothing new: Con-Way used a program to monitor what others were saying about it as a form of reputation management.

The second strategy – while admittedly not as “sexy” as some more-talked-about consumer brands’ Twitter activities – offers an effective, no-nonsense solution for one of the company’s crucial day-to-day business operations: its load-listing-notification system, which alerts independent truckers of loads available for pick up and transportation across the country.

While Con-Way posted the load listings on its website previously, the Twitter platform allowed for a much more efficient notification system for an industry in which mobile devices are “lifelines.”

This simple, yet clever idea is perfectly suited for the company’s needs. Do you know of any b-to-b companies that are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube in unconventional ways?