4 steps to creating attractive content

content, writing, marketingContent constantly clamors for attention. Everywhere you turn, a blog or “listicle” is trying to catch your eye and send some kind of message. With this much competition, how can you make sure your content stands out from the crowd?

Here are four quick tips to write content that your audience will actually read.

  1. Get to know your audience. This first tip seems like a no-brainer, but with the Internet at your fingertips it’s easy to assume you know what kind of content your target wants after a few quick searches. Instead, try actually talking to your audience – whether that means connecting with existing customers or potential clients. Simple conversations can uncover some great insights, such as pain points you can address with strategic, effective content.
  1. Put a game plan in place. After you’ve taken the time to know what your target group wants, you can figure out how to craft a piece of writing that delivers just that. Before you sit down to bang out a piece of content, however, ask yourself if you’re actually offering something of value. Does the content teach your audience something? Are you helping solve one of your audience’s problems? Create a plan around each piece of content to ensure it has a clear message that resonates with readers.
  1. Think about your format. Now you know what your readers want from a piece of content, but how do they want it? A great piece of content can go unread by the people it would benefit most if the format doesn’t appeal to them. For example, busy executives probably aren’t going to find the time to read a long narrative, but content delivered in quick, no-frills bullet points is really going to hit home.
  1. Find out how your audience likes to connect. Once you have a piece of content your audience will love, it’s up to you to deliver it. Experiment with the best ways to connect with your target group. Do they use social media? If so, what platform? Helpful tools like Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights help you track audience engagement to find the platform that works best for you. If you’re still not sure, use Google Analytics to track what drives traffic to your website

Do you have any tried and true strategies for creating content that connects with your audience? Let us know in the comments.

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