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Jump-start your company’s growth with SEO

company growth, SEO, business growthEvery company wants to be the first hit on Google. That sort of visibility helps open doors for new business and sets your firm apart from the competition. But marketing managers can’t just cross their fingers and hope for the best; even basic search engine optimization (SEO) involves a lot of strategy.

SEO should leverage your company’s content, website layout and targeted marketing techniques to improve your organic search engine ranking, which can be significantly less expensive than advertising. To ensure your material is relevant and up to date, Google and other major search engines use “spiders,” automated programs that analyze content, to flag keywords and follow links on your site. The spiders and algorithms prevent keyword-packed, but otherwise unhelpful pages from earning top spots on the search engine’s list.

Unpaid, organic search results rely on these ever-changing algorithms to separate quality content from irrelevant pages. Luckily, SEO strategists have identified a couple of key ways for firms to improve their positions online using search-engine-friendly content.

The first step to improving your company’s search engine position is to align keywords in your site’s content with common search phrases for your target market. For example, a television repair company would benefit from searches related to “television repair” or “broken television,” so it should adjust its website’s content to make sure these keywords appear regularly and in different combinations. Incorporating a variety of related keywords throughout your site helps to tick a lot of boxes for the search engine algorithms, while also providing engaging content for your visitors.

Another way to improve your company’s search engine position is through linking. Search engine algorithms evaluate and rank your page based on how it is connected to other credible, relevant pages. Create connections for your site by linking to target market publications and professional firms associated with your industry. You can also use your social media to create valuable inbound links that others can pick up and share with the click of a button.

Starting to incorporate industry keywords and linking to relevant sites can greatly improve your firm’s online presence, but the most important piece of the SEO puzzle is creating a consistent stream of quality content that keeps visitors coming back for more. Leveraged correctly, these strategies can lead to great opportunities for your business’ growth.

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5 tips for world-class staff photos

picture perfect

An up-to-date website typically includes staff photos, regardless of your industry. While staff photos may seem like a straightforward task, they play a huge role in ensuring your company puts its best foot forward. Below are some tips and tricks that will help you make a great impression:

  1. Keep it simple: Intricate photos can be exciting, but you won’t be appearing in Vogue. Keep your images nice and professional, and be sure they reflect your firm and corporate culture.
  1. Streamline backgrounds: You need the flexibility to add and adjust images without bringing in lighting equipment and backgrounds every time you update your photo roster. Make sure the setup gets you the shot you’re looking for without the hassle of bringing in all that extra equipment (and it will likely save you a lot of money).
  1. Keep it consistent: Take each photo in a similar manner. It’s fine to use different poses and colors for different employees, but make sure they share a similar theme.
  1. Use suitable lighting: I can’t tell you how many times I have seen staff photos that are incredibly dark, defeating the purpose of having photos in the first place. Bright, soft lights create nice well-lit portraits.
  1. Know your target market: We all like to flex our creative muscles every now and then, but make sure you appeal to your target audience in all of your marketing initiatives — from pictures to copy.

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